Maryland Blue Crabs

Jon and I recently took a day trip to Annapolis, Maryland to enjoy some of Marylanders' favorite - Maryland Blue Crab. We also ventured around the cute town for a little while, but the temperatures weren't really working with us. Luckily, Annapolis is very small, especially when you skip the tour of the Naval Academy. (I felt slightly like a traitor!!)

We asked a security guard what his favorite place to get Blue Crabs was, and he told us it was between Buddy's Crab and Ribs or another one that I am currently not remembering (sorry!). We made it just in time for the raw bar deal, but realized that we really just wanted some crabs. So we ordered this:

Let me tell ya, those suckers are a lot of work! Talk about earning your food! And they are very messy. Not only are they slathered in Old Bay seasoning, but you have to crack them, hammer them, break them, tear them apart...you get the idea. Pretty sure I ate some crab poop too...

Below was my side of the table earlier on in the meal:

This was Jon's side when he was done:

I clearly had some difficulties.

But regardless of the mess and the time it took to eat MOST of the crabs, they were delicious. Just one of the many advantages of living close to the ocean!

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