Happy Birthday to the Little One

My little brother, Andrew, turned 20 today. That is incredibly hard to believe. It seems like just a short while he ago he was calling me "Caffeine" in an attempt to correctly enunciate "Kathleen." I actually just realized the "20" part. Before I started writing this post and before I actually did the math in my head...I thought he was still a little baby teenager.

He's the one on the right yawning. This is when he still called me "Caffeine." So cute!

But nope. He's about 6'1" and almost 200 lbs. So no...he's not actually little at all. BUT, he is the baby and he will, therefore, forever be the "little one" to me. And of course, I really enjoy the irony of it all considering he is the tallest/largest of all three children.

Today, he's at a camp training to be a soldier. He recently just finished his first year at West Point and we couldn't be more proud of him.

Here's to you, Andrew! Hope you're surviving out there in the woods!

Visiting me in college.

A trip to West Point to check it all out. I told him then that I would retake this picture when he graduated, he just had to get in first!

All three of us at Andrew's High School graduation. I captioned this on facebook saying "Pretty sure he was adopted." My mom's response was "NO HE IS NOT!"

When he was a just a little Plebe at the Army vs. Navy game in Philadelphia.

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