Product Rave: Arctic Zero Ice Cream

It's going to be over 100 degrees in DC tomorrow. I don't know what's going on over here on the East Coast, but it needs to cut.it.out...and chill...literally! There are currently Excessive Heat Watches, Heat Advisories and Air Quality Alerts. Not cool, again, literally.

So what's a girl to do? Eat ice cream. Obviously.

What's a girl, that is going to have to wear a bikini tomorrow here, going to do?

She's going to indulge in this:

Why? Because that whole container of "ice cream" (yes, quotations because it's not REAL ice cream) is 134 calories. That's right. You heard me. 1.3.4. TOTAL. This is the Chocolate Peanut Butter. I've also had the vanilla (with a hint of maple). Vanilla won that battle. But the Mint Chocolate Cookie sounds incredibly refreshing and weather appropriate.

Note, the greatness of this Arctic Zero ice cream is not in taste, but in the quantities that you can consume. Yup, sometimes quantity is better than quality. The "ice cream" is more like a sorbet. So it lacks the creaminess that you would find in a pint of Ben and Jerry's. But, I think it's safe to say that saving yourself somewhere around 1200 calories in one sitting make this pseudo ice cream worth your while.

So, I hope you are able to stumble upon this cold treat, as I did in my small convenient market, and indulge yourself. While you're doing that, I'll be relaxing here:

Peace out!


Hi Ho! Cherry-O

It's cherry season. I think this is the first summer I've truly enjoyed cherries. Personally, I think they are one of the world's greatest fruits. Throw them in a Ziploc bag, carry them to work, and have a sweet, fresh snack whenever you want!

Or...make a pie! Or a salad, or a glaze for pork, or a vinaigrette, or a summery drink, or....I could go on forever. The list is endless. Enjoy them while they last.


Have you Chop't lately?

This is what I do when I don't bring a lunch to work.

1. I get a little excited on the inside that I HAVE to go out for lunch.
2. I get on Chop't's website to plan an awesomely healthy salad.
3. I write the choppings that I want on a sticky note. Yes, I write them down.
4. I look out the window of my office, and assess the line at Chop't, which is usually out the door.
5. I wait in the ridiculous long lines despite their length.
6. In line, I change my mind about a dozen times.
7. I get my salad, pay, and hope that I get a free soda that day on my card...or maybe even a free salad (but THAT I would have known and planned for in advance.)
8. I steal extra salt and pepper packets that I keep at my desk, in case of emergencies.
9. I walk briskly back to my office anticipating my new creation.
10. I discuss with my co-workers what I got, and why we love Chop't so much.
11. I eat it. Usually all of it. And I love it. A LOT.
12. Lastly, I sit at my desk and wish I had created the concept of Chop't.

I love everything about it. The idea, the restaurant set-up, the lettuce options, the way it's chopped, and mostly, the dressings! The one pictured above is really good. It was a mixture of romaine and spinach, chopped with bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, fried onions, and cucumbers. I topped it off with their Spa Dijon dressing, which is a mere 30 calories per serving and delicious.

Unfortunately, Chop't is only located in NYC and DC. So if you're ever around, I suggest you check it out.

I just started following the owners on Twitter. That's what they call devotion...or obsessed.