My Chip Obsession

I have been meaning to post this much earlier! But, have you seen these? I had the privilege of enjoying them recently. They are really tasty. Chips in general are tasty, but these are really great. After scarfing down a bag with some friends, I wondered, how many different flavors of chips are there that I don't know about? Feeding into my chip obsession, I, of course, had to google it. There are so many. I already knew about Ketchup Chips in Canada and have to say...I have a serious problem with the fact that they are only sold in Canada. WHY? Bring them here, to me, in the US of A! It's not fair! I did recently come upon Dill Pickle chips in Maryland. I thought those were only sold in Canada too. So maybe there's hope that Ketchup Chips are here too...just hidden...in a some remote, unheard of place probably.

So, when googling flavors of chips, I think I stumbled upon a new favorite website....it's Chip Heaven, really. There's just so many I've never even heard of...Balsamic Sweet Onion, Maui Onion, Pepper Relish, Parmesan and Tuscan Herb. Those are just the Lays. There are still the Doritos, Cheetos, Tostitos, Fritos, and SunChips. I feel like FritoLay has been holding out on me. If you have some downtime...I highly suggest checking out their website. A new mission in life for myself: Find all of these flavors. And probably enjoy them with some Cottage Cheese. Don't judge.

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