Have you Chop't lately?

This is what I do when I don't bring a lunch to work.

1. I get a little excited on the inside that I HAVE to go out for lunch.
2. I get on Chop't's website to plan an awesomely healthy salad.
3. I write the choppings that I want on a sticky note. Yes, I write them down.
4. I look out the window of my office, and assess the line at Chop't, which is usually out the door.
5. I wait in the ridiculous long lines despite their length.
6. In line, I change my mind about a dozen times.
7. I get my salad, pay, and hope that I get a free soda that day on my card...or maybe even a free salad (but THAT I would have known and planned for in advance.)
8. I steal extra salt and pepper packets that I keep at my desk, in case of emergencies.
9. I walk briskly back to my office anticipating my new creation.
10. I discuss with my co-workers what I got, and why we love Chop't so much.
11. I eat it. Usually all of it. And I love it. A LOT.
12. Lastly, I sit at my desk and wish I had created the concept of Chop't.

I love everything about it. The idea, the restaurant set-up, the lettuce options, the way it's chopped, and mostly, the dressings! The one pictured above is really good. It was a mixture of romaine and spinach, chopped with bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, fried onions, and cucumbers. I topped it off with their Spa Dijon dressing, which is a mere 30 calories per serving and delicious.

Unfortunately, Chop't is only located in NYC and DC. So if you're ever around, I suggest you check it out.

I just started following the owners on Twitter. That's what they call devotion...or obsessed.

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  1. Mmm I just got really hungry. I miss chop't... and potbelly's... and having co-workers :(