Happy Wednesday.

I like to spend a lot of my time browsing the web. Don't tell my boss!...or any future employer for that matter. Here are a few things I've enjoyed recently...

~Awesome cupcake list. I'm not even a crazy-obsessed cupcake person, but I want to attempt to make all of these. Every single one of them. Yes, even the one with beets.

Ming Makes Cupcakes

~I want to buy all 10 of these pieces and all the other collections. Well most of them. And then actually be able to pull them off. And then go on a vacation...outside of the U.S..preferably with an infinity pool...in my own villa. The only thing I've used my passport for in a long time is the bar, because my license expired.

Vogel 10

~I wish this was cheaper. With free shipping.


~My co-worker and fellow food blogger, Sarah, recently got married, moved to Texas and left me. I miss her.

Life with B's

~I've recently become of fan of this food blog. I sort of want the writers' lives.

Food Republik

~This will, without a doubt, make you laugh a little.

Sleep Talkin' Man

~This will also, if you love Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock

~I just got my first pair of TOMS. I got the Classic Navy ones. They may be the most comfortable pair of shoes that I have ever put on my feet. I'm ready for more. I'm thinking these next:

TOMS Wedges

~My aunt recently started this website in light of another aunt of mine that was diagnosed with MS. Not only do I think its a great idea, but the rocks are a great little house decoration, with a story behind them. So pray for someone, and send them a thoughtful gift that will brighten their day.

Rock and Prayer

Fun Fact:

At exactly 06 minutes and 07 seconds after 5 o'clock on Aug 9th 2010, it will be 05:06:07 08/09/10. This won't happen again until the year 3010

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