a good day for a good meal

Today was a bit stressful. It started with the DC metro, my nemesis. While I absolutely love public transportation, the fact that I am car-less, and that my job provides me with a monthly transportation allowance, I hate the metro. And yes, it is "metro" here...not subway...not train. (And no, I am not a DC native, but very few of us are.) The pushing and shoving is difficult to adapt to. I guess it is a good thing I don't live in New York City! But sometimes, its either the tourists or, as my co-worker referred to them as, "local morons" that can really put a damper on the rest of your day. So I created a list with some guidelines for riding the metro, not in necessarily any order. Read them, learn them and live them.

1. Please stand on the right side of the escalators. PLEASE. Some of us like to walk up and down and when you stand on all sides there is a lot of unnecessary bopping and weaving required. If we can't even bob and weave around you, then we can't move, and we may miss the next train.

2. If you are visiting and want to see all the amazing monuments and museums, take a cab or walk. If you have a dying need to experience the metro because you're from the 'burbs, do not even attempt during rush hours. Thanks.

3. The metro constructed these amazing poles inside the train cars so that everyone can hold on and not fall over. They were not put there so that you could lean your entire body against it. This is especially true when the metro is crowded. (And yes, you would assume this was all common sense, but let me tell you, it is apparently not.)

4. When the metro is crowded, and people need to get off at their stop, everyone blocking the door needs to remove themselves. If that means getting of the train, then I suggest you get off. It is likely a DC local will yell at you if you do not.

5. While the train is moving, it is not necessary to annoy everyone else and ram into them so that you can get closer to the door because you have to get off soon. You will get off...trust me, I have never missed a stop!

6. If you are wearing a massive backpack...you suck.

7. Watch and observe someone using their metro card. It will save you, and me, a lot of hassle.

8. When the platform is crowded, please do not run to the front of the line. That's just not fair!

9. Walk faster.

10. Turn down your music. We do not ALL want to listen to it.

11. If the line you are riding is delayed, wait a few trains. They will come every 2 or so minutes. I promise! Please do not shove yourself in. It makes for a super unpleasant ride.

12. Deodorant is a wonderful thing.

Ok, I think that is all I have, but I am sure there are a few others that other disgruntled metro riders would be more than willing to share with you!

OH...I thought of another one. Just came to me.

13. Do not jump into the tracks. That would be great.

Now I'm really done.

Do I dare divulge the rest of my day? Lets just say it involved an eye appointment, paying a lot of money, not understanding why, being ridiculously confused by my insurance company's coverage and their website, and then having blurry vision for 4 hours...all while knowing that today is not the end of it because I still have to actually order the contacts that I do not yet have a prescription for. UGH.

Luckily, it's restaurant week here in DC which I started planning for weeks ago. I actually made 4 or 5 reservations knowing that I would later cancel most of them. I'm not always on top of everything, but this I can do! Tonight, my co-workers and I are going to 701 Restaurant. We have been trying to decide what to get all day. Sad...I know.

Here's the menu...

Dinner Appetizers

Black Bass Ceviche
orange, red onion, avocado, cucumber, mint

Roasted Beet Salad
granny smith apples, walnuts, goat cheese, orange yogurt

Grilled Scallops
butternut squash puree, grapes, oranges, capers, balsamic brown butter
$3 Surcharge

Baby Greens
stayman apples, manchego cheese, red onion, radish, mustard vinaigrette

Clam 'Chowder'
smoked potato gnocchi, manila clams, prosciutto, bacon, oyster crackers

Dinner Entrees

Baked Potato Raviolis
cheddar cheese, scallions, malt vinegar onions

Roasted Pork Tenderloin
braised red cabbage, winter vegetables, whole grain mustard sauce

Braised Beef Short Rib Rigatoni
cremini mushrooms, tomato, shaved parmesan, whipped ricotta

Rice Crusted Striped Bass
lentils, chickpeas, spiced eggplant, golden raisins, cauliflower puree, curried emulsion

Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Breast
creamy polenta, collard greens, scallions, gravy

Scottish Salmon
potato puree, roasted fennel, swiss chard, preserved lemon, coffee hazelnut vinaigrette

Dinner Desserts

Brown Butter Feuilletine Blondie
soft chocolate ganache, sesame seed brittle

Lemon Cheesecake Miroir
lemon cheesecake with gingerbread crust, lemon bavarain, lemon miroir

Chocolate Bete Noir
flourless chocolate cake with blood orange marmalade

Apple Buckwheat Shortcake
apple, dried cherry and fig compote with fresh whipped cream

Banana Pudding Profiteroles
banana cream puffs with bittersweet caramel sauce, almond toffee

I'm fairly certain that whatever I choose, and of course the drink I decide to get, will make the this morning seem like a piece of "Lemon Cheesecake Miroir." Too corny??

To be continued (minus the ranting)......


  1. I fully concur with all those metro rules. Great list!

    Can I add one more to the list? If you happen to be riding the metro with your significant other, please don't make out with them. It's so awkward.

  2. OOOOOOO I have another one. If I'm holding onto the pole, please don't push your boobs up on my hand. That's SUPER awkward!