Colors of the Rainbow

I am not much of a baker, but every now and then I have a sweet tooth to satisfy. Sometimes I just enjoy being creative. Sarah showed me this cake one day at work and I think thats the day I started reading food blogs religiously. This cake was more of an art project than a baking project. Note to selves, while this cake could brighten anyone's day, it is especially a kid's dream-come-true cake. Great for birthdays, parties, or just as a weekend craft project. Look how pretty and fun it is! Not to mention, it tastes great too!

Rainbow Cake adapted from Omnomicon

*1 box white cake mix
*12 oz of clear diet soda (1 can, ginger ale and sprite work well)
*food coloring
*16 oz whipped topping

1. Mix cake mix with 1 can of soda.

2. Divide equal amounts of cake batter into X amount of bowls and color them. You can decide what colors and how many colors you want to use. I used ROY G BIV minus the V...so 6 different bowls.

3. Pour each bowl of batter into your cake pan, one at a time. Spread each bowl of batter out so it fills pan. Make sure to not mix the batter together, otherwise you will have a brown cake and thats not nearly as fun.

4. Bake cake according to directions on cake box.

5. Color your frosting any color you wish.

6. Frost your cake and cut out a piece so you can see all of the colors.

7. Show all of your friends and don't tell them how easy it was.

If you make this and love it, think about the other possibilities...cupcakes or layered cakes or other things I haven't even thought of yet!

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