Remember the Name

I have told a bazillion people that my favorite food is cottage cheese. (Preferably two percent, small curd...and I am starting to believe that Breakstone's is my favorite brand.) I tend to get looks of disgust and faces that say "really? that's kind of weird." I quickly tell them that my other favorite food is chips, with hopes of slightly redeeming myself. But really...I love chips! I am clearly on Team Salty. But whats even better? Well it turns out, cottage cheese is a fantastic chip dip. Yup, chips and cottage cheese. I have a bizarre obsession with it! In fact, when I'm down, unlike most people who go out and buy themselves a pint of Ben & Jerrys, I buy chips and a pint of cottage cheese. Usually, during these down times, I will splurge with my favorite Doritos, Blazin' Buffalo. During non-sad times, I like to go with a healthier choice, SunChips (they're healthier, right?). Sometimes I even dress-up the cottage cheese. You can pretty much add anything your little heart desires to cottage cheese (or vice versa)...garlic, salt and pepper, hot sauce, dill, mustard, pineapple, flavored yogurt, jam...you name it!

So TA-DA... the title of my blog! I had been sharing a few suggestions with my friend over g-chat and most of my suggestions got a "Really? No!" I wanted to incorporate numerous aspects of my life like the fact that I'm from Michigan/Midwest or the fact that I lived in Singapore and love Asian food. One of my ideas was Midwestern Mai Tai. I liked it. She didn't like that...at all. The title "Chips and Cottage Cheese" automatically reigned supreme when after sharing this suggestion with my friend I got a "TOTALLY. hahaha. you have to!" I've known her for years, and she will probably tell you that my love for chips and cottage cheese is my oddest quirk.

Don't knock it till you've tried it!


  1. it's true, although i don't know if it's your ODDEST quirk. midwestern mai tai is ridiculous, aren't you glad you listened to me? and if anyone who read the first blog had a doubt... i think it's obvious that you truly love food after the mention of "blazin buffalo doritos."

  2. Breakstones and tortilla chips (the low fat/calorie kind they came out with a few years ago) are what's up. I used to come home junior/senior year and eat that at 2am. Delicious!