I don't love popcorn. It is definitely not my favorite snack but I do know that its a better alternative to many other snacks...aka chips! I was actually reading an article in Women's Health Magazine (one of my favorites) and it was giving tips on healthy snacks that would satisfy an unhealthy craving. And not that this is major breaking news to anyone really, but popcorn does just that! Actually, sometimes it does. It's no chip, but sometimes it will do the job...it has a bit of a crunch. And if you are trying to watch your calorie intake, popcorn is a smart choice. You can eat an entire 3 cups of it, which is quite a bit, and its only 100 calories. (AND, if you want a sweeter snack, there is always kettle corn, which I prefer.)

I just made myself some popcorn...for the first time in years probably. I was at the grocery store and remembered this "recipe" that I saw someone use one time and wanted to try. The flavor was not intense, but just enough to give the popcorn an extra little kick. So of course I asked what was in it so that I could steal her crowd pleasing snack idea and call it my own (kidding...sort of). Simple...Garlic, Salt and Oregano. Thats all. Nothing fancy. Just 3 simple spices that everyone has in their spice cabinet. There is just something about the Oregano that really caught my attention. Obviously, there are numerous ways to dress up your popcorn, but I thought I would share this in case you're in dire need of a popcorn idea.

Also, in case you were wondering, I do realize that I did not post during the most important food holiday. How could I, right? Well, in my defense, I was at my parents, in Massachusetts, and did not want to drag my computer through security so I left it at home. And yes, my parents own a computer, but it is slightly ancient and slow. I'm no technical snob or anything, but no thanks. I like my Macbook and its quickness.

Thanksgiving food coming soon....

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