the most amazing grilled cheese in the world

At one point, I made it my objective to make this blog about nutrition and healthy food. I did, however, tell you that that might not always happen. This post is in no way good for your health. Actually, I take that back...it will make you so happy...which in turn is good for your health.

I recently visited my friend Mandy in Cleveland. She is basically my other half. Our other friends find it comical to make us one, kind of like when Jennifer Lopez dated Ben Affleck and they were "Bennifer" or how Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are "Brangelina." We are Dandy Moogan. It's hard to explain, but look it up on facebook. We are there.

And...we definitely both love food. So of course, it was only natural that our weekend visit in Cleveland was somewhat planned around food. My number one priority: Melt Bar & Grill.

This picture is bad. Really bad. I'm sorry. I was so excited to eat it, I didn't really play around with the picture-taking much. But you definitely can not miss the amount of amazing fried food I had before me.

Why Melt? Have you ever seen Divers, Drive-ins and Dives? It is one of my favorite Food Network shows out there. Guy Fieri drives all over the country finding the best cheap eats available...which are usually greasy, deliciously fried little pieces of heaven. I have now been to three of the restaurants: Melt in Cleveland, Momocho which was also in Cleveland (it was on the show after my trip to Cleveland), and Blimpy Burger in the world's best college town ever...Ann Arbor, Michigan. Have I not told you that I'm a Wolverine?

Back to the grilled cheese. Mandy and I split...obviously. She ordered the Montecristo which is a must. Meats, Cheeses, beer battered! and you get to dip it in this sweet berry preserve which completes the entire grilled cheese.

I went with the The Parmageddon, which was featured on the show and also shown in the picture above. It is filled with pierogi, fresh napa vodka kraut, onions and a sharp cheddar. Who would have thought to put pierogi on a sandwich? It was awesome...really. (But....I'd go with the Montecristo if you happen to make it to Cleveland anytime soon!)

Also, side note, eat more sandwich than fries. Not that you'll really want to be counting any kind of calories at this place, but the fries are standard fries...nothing out of the ordinary.

Thanks to Mandy for making my Melt experience happen and for being a fat kid with me.

Mandy and I at the top of the state of Ohio.

Please excuse the orange jacket. It's Mandy's jacket. For some strange reason, she loves the color orange which most people can not pull off for the life of them. I am clearly one of them.

FYI...She got me to snowboard that weekend. My first time! I look happy here in this picture, but do not be fooled. Snowboarding hurts. A lot. But I can only assume that I probably burned an entire Melt experience worth of calories that day.

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