Spicy Ranch Dressing

Continuing with my Sriracha obsession...

I literally put it on everything. One of my favorite snacks lately is a piece of Wasa with cottage cheese topped with a little honey and Sriracha. Maybe even throw some cucumber slices on there. Whatever tickles your fancy. It's the perfect snack. Maybe I'll email Wasa and let them in on my creation.

I also put it on sandwiches, chicken, fish, soups, nuts, pizza, rice, french fries, burgers...you name it, and I'll put it on there!

Since I make a lot of salads at home for myself, I have, of course, found a way to incorporate it which does not involve just squirting some all over the lettuce. I added it to my favorite ranch dressing. The easiest dressing in the world. The tastiest ranch dressing (not made from mayo). It's amazing. Have I said enough? I think I've told you about my ranch obsession before. No? Maybe briefly here? Anyway, ranch is my favorite condiment. I love it dearly and could never part with it.

Spicy Ranch Dressing

1 packet of Original Ranch Dips Mix
Instead of the suggested amount of Sour Cream, use Greek Yogurt (2% Fage works best)
As much Sriracha sauce as you want. Be careful, it IS spicy.

Mix it all together, throw it on top of any salad you want, and voilĂ ...you have deliciously addicting, yet healthy, spicy ranch dressing!

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