Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

Just a typical conversation I had with my friend Jackie, who at the time was vacationing in Seattle.

Jackie: bacon chocolate chip cookies
make them
blog them
let me know how it goes

me: haha
i have always wanted to make them
ive tried them
they are amazing

Jackie: i had a maple bacon doughnut last week

me: i made wasabi mashed potatoes last night

Jackie: it was awesome

me: they were the greatest thing ive ever made

Jackie: haha
that sounds good
i don't know if mark likes wasabi
this is something i will learn
and perhaps make them

me: um i love wasabi
and they were healthy
no butter

Jackie: could i make sriracha mashed potatoes?

me: YES!
and they would be amazing

Jackie: well, i'm glad we had this conversation

me: haha

Jackie: mark <3s mashed potatoes
maybe this will be my inspiration for his birthday party
"mashed potatoes"

me: just add some greek yogurt
and hummus

Jackie: interesting!

me: and they are healthy..but smooth

Jackie: that does sound awesome

me: it is
and then you can flavor them however
you could have garlicky hummus mashed potatoes
or wasabi

Jackie: ha ha ha

me: omg..the things you could do are endless

Jackie: mashed potato party!
you should come!

me: um ok
maybe i'll invent a mashed potatoe brand of some sort
or a restuaurant!
like frozen yogurt places
BUT mashed potatoes

Jackie: "make your own mashed potato" bars have been popular at weddings

me: im doing it

Jackie: i think a restaurant would do well

me: not even a restaurant
a chain thing

Jackie: haha like the frozen yogurt places where you add your own toppings and
then weight it at the end

who doesn't love mashed potatoes

Jackie: i don't want to know them.


Jackie: ok i suppose i need to go look at the space needle now
but good luck with the mashed potato

Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

(this recipe does not need measurements, because it's all up to you!)

Greek Yogurt
Hummus (any type you want)
Garlic cloves
Wasabi Powder
salt & pepper
Sriracha Sauce

1. Boil Potatoes

2. Mash everything together

3. Be creative!

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